Elements Silver

"Love Life Laugh" BANGLE

"Love Life Laugh" BA..

Total Weight:8.08 Width: 4mm Depth: 1mm Height: 61.5mm Stone type: n/a Stone colour: n/a Stone shape..
"Shoot For The Moon" BANGLE

"Shoot For The Moon"..

Total Weight:15.45 Width: 5mm Height: 63.4mmMetal type: 925 silver ..
3 Twisted Interlocking Circle Stud Earring

3 Twisted Interlocking Circle ..

Total Weight:1.8 Width: 9mm Depth: 3mm Height: 9mm Metal type: 925 Silver..
Acorn Bracelet with Rose Gold 18+2cm

Acorn Bracelet with Rose Gold ..

Total Weight:4.6 Width: Acorn: 7mm, Leaf: 27mm, Chain: 1mm Depth: Acorn: 7mm, Leaf: 2mm Height: Acor..
Amethyst , Blue Topaz Drop Earring

Amethyst , Blue Topaz Drop Ear..

Total Weight:3.5 Width: 4mm, 5.5mm, 9mm Depth: 2.8mm, 3.5mm, 5mm Height: 38mm Stone type: Amethyst -..
Amethyst and Clear CZ Bead Bracelet

Amethyst and Clear CZ Bead Bra..

Total Weight:2.3Stone type: cubic zirconia, amethyst Stone colour: clear, purple Stone shape:Round M..
Amethyst cushion cut earrings

Amethyst cushion cut earrings

Total Weight:3.3 Width: 10mm Depth: 7mm over stone Height: 10mm Stone type: Amethyst Stone colour: A..
Amethyst CZ Faceted Teardrop Earring

Amethyst CZ Faceted Teardrop E..

Total Weight:2.02 Width: 7.6mm Depth: 2.9mm Height: Stone type: CZ Stone colour: Light Purple Stone..
Amethyst Swarovski Crystal Triangle Stud Earring

Amethyst Swarovski Crystal Tri..

Total Weight:2.7 Width: 8.5mm Depth: 4mm Height: 8.5mm Stone type: Swarovski Stone colour: Amethyst ..
Amethyst Teardrop Earring

Amethyst Teardrop Earring

Total Weight:3.04 Width: 9mm Depth: 4.3mm Height: 30.2mm incl hook Stone type: Amethyst Stone colour..
Amethyst Teardrop Earrings

Amethyst Teardrop Earrings

Total Weight:2.16 Width: 7mm Depth: 3mm Height: 11mm Stone type: Amethyst Stone colour: Purple Stone..
Amethyst/Sapphire/Tanzanite Swarovski Crystal Drop Earring

Amethyst/Sapphire/Tanzanite Sw..

Total Weight:3.96 Width: Round 5.1mm, oval 5.1mm, pear 7.1mm Depth: Round 3.5mm, oval 3.9mm, pear 4...
Aquamarine coloured Swarovski Crystal Teardrop Earrings

Aquamarine coloured Swarovski ..

Total Weight:8.34 Width: Silver drop 8mm, stone setting 14mm Depth: Silver drop 4.2mm - stone settin..
Black CZ Teardrop Hook Earring

Black CZ Teardrop Hook Earring

Total Weight:3.3 Width: 1mm-8mm Depth: 1.2mm-4.1mm Height: Stone type: CZ Stone colour: clear Stone..
Black Freshwater Pearl 8mm Stud Earring

Black Freshwater Pearl 8mm Stu..

Total Weight:1.904 Width: see stone details Depth: Height: Stone type: Freshwater Pearl Stone colo..
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